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I don’t want your suffering. 

I don’t want your future

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they wheeled out my casket, they said, “boy, lay down your head,”
i said, “believe me i wish that i was dead.”

A WESTERN , where a murderous and disfigured widow (Diane Kruger), a drunken hired gun called The Turncoat for the time he electively did with the Sioux (Chris Hemsworth), a pair of outlaw brothers approaching the date they meet their due (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Sam Reid), a runaway “child” bride (Jane Levy), the barkeep with a plan to start out and settle a town all his own (Michael K. Williams), and the mayor (Charles Dance) all meet in a spent gold prospecting town in California where the blood has only begun to spill. 

the avengers | cop drama au

A series of murders of influential people in different cities across the country is the reason why Colonel Nick Fury, a decorated ex-army man consulting for the FBI has assembled a team of skilled detectives to solve the murders and stop the killer before more deaths occur. The investigation takes a personal turn when the brother of one Detective Odinson is implicated in the murders.



First poster arrives for Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths, the latest crime comedy from In Bruges director Martin McDonagh, has released a first teaser poster, spotted by Collider at this year’s CinemaCon festival.

Oh my god yes. Finally we get to see another Martin McDonagh film! Best film news I’ve heard in a long while.

Mary Crawley: Haven’t you heard Doctor? I don’t have a heart.
Doctor: I happen to have two… I think that’d be enough for the two of us. 



      » the avengers as a heist film au

Pepper pitched her voice below the low din of the restaurant, eyes crinkling at the corners. Tony grinned at her, at her embarrassment, at knowing she wanted him gone before Fury showed up—he had no intention of granting her wish.

“You’re a liar and a thief,” she said, blue eyes darkening so they were nearly opaque. Tony noted absently that she had her hair in a complicated, braided updo. He missed seeing it hang loose over her shoulders, brushing against bare skin.

“I’ve only lied about being a thief.” He shrugged. “I don’t do that anymore.”

Pepper didn’t miss a beat. She’d always been so quick to meet him. “Steal?”

“Lie,” he replied evenly.

#on the night Tony Stark is released from prison, he breaks parole and flies into Las Vegas to propose a scheme to his partner and best friend, Clint Barton. A scheme that will leave them and their team ridiculously wealthy, if they can pull it off. #With Barton always comes Natasha Romanoff, inside woman extraordinaire and able to change characters and skins on the fly. Stark and Barton also call in their old acquaintance Loki Laufeyson, the slickest hands in the business. And Loki brings with him his older brother, Thor, an unparalleled demolition specialist. The team is finished off with expert mechanic and technical duo Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner, for the entrance and the exit. #Their goal is simple: slip into SHIELD, the richest casino on the Strip, and slip out with the priceless gems stowed away in its vault. All they have to do is undermine casino owner Nick Fury’s top of the line defenses and his devious Head of Security Phil Coulson. Easier said than done but with their pool of resources and knowhow Stark is confident in their success. #But something about the job doesn’t sit right with Barton, until he sees Fury’s latest girlfriend—Stark’s estranged wife, Pepper. Then it all clicks into place and the job transforms into an act of revenge.